double full HD excitement


double full HD excitement

General Features

  • Elegant and pure design
  • 32" FULL HD main monitor with touch screen
  • 32" FULL HD second information monitor
  • Surround system for better gaming experience
  • Attractive LED lights around the terminal
  • Multi game supported & Multi-language supported
  • Bill validator with stacker cash boxes
  • Ticket Printer device (optional)
  • Coin acceptor & hopper (optional)
  • Real time in screen HD video streaming
  • Unlimited flexibility, it can be arranged in various configurations


Jackpot Solutions

  • Jackpot Cards

    Following its concept to develop highly advanced software for all kinds of multiplayer games, terminals and systems, EGT Multiplayer solutions has created Rigel and King HD series to combine the video slot, card and roulette games with four level mystery jackpot system - Jackpot CARDS.

    Players have the opportunity to win four different mystery jackpot levels via the “Jackpot Cards” bonus game, which is randomly triggered after the fi nish of the basic game. The bonus game starts with 12 cards faced down. From them players must collect 3 cards of the same suit, to reach the jackpot corresponding level - Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts and Spades . It is not necessary to participate with the maximum bet to trigger any of the levels. However, the higher the qualifying bet in the base game, the higher the chance to enter the Jackpot Cards bonus game and win the highest mystery jackpot level.

  • Diamond Number Only for roulettes

    Attractive and drawing attention JACKPOT system, which aims to keep the interest and enjoyment of players while placing bets on roulette. With fascinating animation and sound, this jackpot system consists of two levels - Diamond and Sapphire. It supports both European (Single zero) and American (Double zero) wheel.

    Only Straight bets are eligible to WIN Jackpot. If more than one player triggers one of the two levels, the Jackpot amount is split equally between all winners.


Supported accessories

  • S-line Connеction Straight

    • Designed to overflow the shapes of S-Line
    • Connection especially made for straight configurations
    • USB charger port
    • Attractive RGB lights on the tampered glass
    • LED lights under the Decor
    • High-quality print – EGT Multiplayer prints or client’s design options
  • Side Decor S32/32

    • Solution that gives a complete look of the S-line configurations
    • High-quality print – EGT Multiplayer prints or client’s design options
    • LED lights under the print

Monitoring & Control System

  • Monitoring & Control System (MCS)

    • Supports all egt multiplayer devices.
    • Communication based on TCP/IP with the latest safety standards in data encryption with SSL Certificate.
    • High quality servers.
    • Web based application.
  • Real time data

    • Exploitation time accounting for Electronic Gaming Machines and Games with daily periods.
    • Histories for all games (Roulette, Slots and others).
    • All major events generating from EGT Multiplayer Electronic Gaming Devices , Wheels and Jackpot Servers.
  • EGT - Multiplayer Jackpot servers

    • Accounting for Jackpot levels, Games and Playstations with daily periods.
    • Current levels values.
  • Online IT and Technical Support

    • When you need support, we are there for you 24/7.
    • Our analysts can evaluate your EGT - Multiplayer Electronic Gaming Devices results to improve and optimize them.
    • Real-time surveillance.

Technical Specification

  • Height: 807 mm / 1604 mm
  • Width: 791 mm
  • Depth: 878 mm
  • Required voltage: 100÷120V / 220÷240V AC 50 ÷ 60 Hz
  • Operating temperature: 0° C ÷ +30° C
  • Operating humidity: 0% ÷ 85%